Why does everyone do that? Ok, maybe not everyone.

Met my daughter-in-for lunch today in a small mountain tourist town and while waiting for her to arrive, I admired the wild lilac bushes growing nearby.

“I should shoot a picture of that and post it.” The thought popped in my mind. Everyone does. They post pictures of where they are, what they did, who they were with, what they bought, ate, loved, hated. Every day. It seems.

So did I take the picture and post it? No, because if I did, I would be sharing the picture here.

Why didn’t I? Because I don’t do that. I live my life in relative privacy apparently. I don’t feel the need or desire or even want to deal with the time-consuming task of posting my whereabouts and activities regularly.

What if my readers would enjoy seeing what I’m doing besides writing books, marketing books, talking myself into writing books, staring at notecards dreaming up scenes? Well I didn’t really think about it that way until right now.

Should I post a little something about my every-day activities regularly on social media? Do you post fairly often? Do you enjoy seeing the photos of friends and family who do?

I’m curious to read your responses below. And if I see responses maybe I’ll blog a little sooner than in four more years (which is how long it took me since my last one)! 😂🤣

~ Sherri Kukla

4 thoughts on “Why does everyone do that? Ok, maybe not everyone.

  1. Sherri I wish you would have taken a photo of the lilacs, I love lilacs and miss seeing and smelling them (don’t live near anyone who has them). You can take photos and such without “announcing” where you are. Share the beauty you behold. I also like to see your post and such. It is my connection to family, and what is going on. You know I share. If you think it isn’t appropriate let me know. Love you cuz.

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    • Thank you for that input Jeri. I guess it wasn’t even so much about saying where I was as I just can’t muster up the enthusiasm to post like that, but on the other hand, if that’s interesting to people maybe I should. Thank you!! Love you too! No I never thought your stuff wasn’t appropriate, and funny thing is, I do enjoy seeing what most people post. Not everyone but most. I’ll have to give this some more thought. Thanks again!


  2. I think I post too much some times and spend too much time doing it. I been trying to cut back😃 I don’t know why I do it. Maybe I have too much time on my hands


    • No not at all. I LOVE your posts. And now I realize that I sure didn’t mean to make anyone feel like they’re posting too much, but I guess that’s how I made it sound. But for an experiment I posted a pic of me standing with Steve’s race bike on the MotoMysteries page today and it already has more engagements in 3 hours than anything I’ve posted on that site. So I guess people do want to see stuff like that. I have to take a deep breath and try to be like Rory. Try to be like my cousin. And just make it happen. 😊😊


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