Adventure, suspense, mystery and fun!

In October 2019 MotoMysteries launched with The Skeleton and the Lantern, Book 1, of a middle grade faith-based mystery series by Sherri Kukla, editor/co-publisher of S&S Off Road Magazine. In December 2019 MotoMysteries fans were treated to The Christmas Miracle, a 60 page mini-mystery to celebrate Christmas with your favorite MotoMysteries characters. Joining the series on April 23, 2020 we launched Book 2 Ghosts of Dry Brook. Coming in early December 2020, Book 3 Phantom Ship in the Desert .

Many thanks to our Launch Team Members who signed up to receive advance copies of Books 1 and 2 and posted Amazon reviews to help the series get off to a successful start!

IMG_0426Three priorities in our lives are God, Kids and Motorcycles. MotoMysteries includes all three.  Sherri Kukla and her husband Steve are the publishers of S&S Off Road Magazine and the founders and directors of Thundering Trails off road camp for kids. They reside in the off road community of Ocotillo Wells CA with their teenage granddaughter and a dozen or so motorcycles, surrounded by coyotes, snakes, rabbits and other desert critters.