The wandering skeleton was just a legend but here it was staring at them … would they survive?

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Skeleton and the Lantern, Book 1 of MotoMysteries, a middle grade novel series by Sherri Kukla, editor of S&S Off Road Magazine.


Not everyone has a pirate ship in their front yard. Here I am with a few friends who came to enjoy the desert, ride motorcycles and hang out on the pirate ship.

We’re looking for 68 more people to read an advance copy of the book and leave a review on Amazon the day the book launches in mid October. Click here to join the other 82 Launch Team members and read the book before it’s published!


Three priorities in our lives are God, Kids and Motorcycles. That’s why I’m excited about MotoMysteries. The series includes all three. Book 1, The Skeleton and the Lantern, is scheduled to be released approximately October 24, 2019. Book 2 will follow in the Spring of 2020 and Book 3 in the fall of 2020.